Atamira Dance Company
Te Wheke
"Te Wheke is sublimely fluid and unwaveringly beautiful"

Megan Seawright, Theatreview
Premiere 2021, National tour 2022, US TOUR | 21 March — 14 April 2023
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“Stylishly, smoothly exploring a doorway of existence, the company steps into Te Ao Mārama, to worship, with expressive movement, artistry, sound, and visual effects, at the altar of light.”

Lyne Pringle, Theatreview
2019, 2023
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ADC TOMO Sean Mac Donald graphic
This VR film captures the dream space with its haunting tale of life and death.
Premiered as part of KAHA-Tripleboost 2022 | National and International screenings 2023
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Kiko allows you to traverse into an evening of film and dance with timeless souls, into a world-ing that acknowledges the fleshly life of all things, bountiful paradises and running towards the queer and ineffable.
30th September — 1st October 2022
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Moon High Res
KAHA - Tripleboost
KAHA–Tripleboost offers audiences three ways to connect with Atamira. STILL by Sean MacDonald,five short premiere dance pieces, episodic in nature, KAHA by emerging Māori choreographic and dance collaborators and TOMO VR, an all-new Virtual Reality film experience.
7 July — 9 July 2022
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Ngā Wai
Drawing on mythology and historical figures set against the backdrop of Te Motu-o-Kura, Ngā Wai is a full-length dance work from one of Aotearoa’s most distinguished dance artists – Sean MacDonald
2020, 2021
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“Stunning images...luscious and strong, powerful and frenetic...”

Sue Cheesman, Theatreview
2018, 2019
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ADC Onepū 3 1
KOTAHI is a unique international collaboration bridging the creative and cultural spaces of Atamira Dance Company (Aotearoa) and NAISDA Dance College in Darkinjung Country (Australia).
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Delving back into what the name ‘Atamira’ represents in contemporary, historical and future society.
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Awa - When Two Rivers Collide
AWA is a multi-disciplinary arts spectacle weaving together stories of New Zealand’s sacred rivers and China’s famous Yellow River.
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ADC Awa 2
Enter into the nothing, the blackness. From this formless state of consciousness come potential, movement, energy and life.
2016 - 2018
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ADC Pango 1
Manaia is a triple bill touring programme showcasing the strong female choreographic voice within the company.=
6th - 10th July 2016
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Manaia Gabrielle
Atamira Dance Company x Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
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The bones of yourself, of an ancestor, a whale, a house are literally fleshed out in a unique multi-level gallery-style presentation.
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ADC Mitimiti 1
Inspired by the traditional Maori art of body tattooing, Moko is a conceptual dance performance that is spurred by the enticement of mana (spiritual power) where the patterns of Ta Moko explode, both emotionally and literally, onto the stage in new and exciting three-dimensional forms.
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ADC Moko 1
Te Houhi
Hope and Hardship unite to carry the hearts and homes of a people.
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Taonga: Dust, Water, Wind
"Did the message come to her on the wings of a fantail or the city of an owl?" 
2009, 2010
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Memoirs of Active Service
A moving and beautiful love story inspired by the keeper of the diary, Memoirs of Active Service is about ordinary New Zealanders being asked to do extraordinary things.
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Ngāi Tahu 32
Following one man’s journey through time and whakapapa (genealogy) to deliver a soul to a new generation, Ngāi Tahu 32 is a masterful work by choreographer Louise Potiki Bryant.
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