Atamira Dance Company

Inspired by the traditional Maori art of body tattooing, Moko is a conceptual dance performance that is spurred by the enticement of mana (spiritual power) where the patterns of Ta Moko explode, both emotionally and literally, onto the stage in new and exciting three-dimensional forms.

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Moko, Atamira Dance Company’s newest full-length work, takes audiences on an unforgettable journey. A showcase of fashion, form and force, Moko marks a powerful new direction for the company. With costumes by avant-garde fashion house World, plus an immersive sound and light set that will have audiences at the edge of their seats, Atamira looks set to own the indigenous dance space. Unmissable.

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Atamira Dance Company has collaborated with World, M.A.C. Cosmetics and Ryder Hairdressing on this production.

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"...It is a visually dramatic series of dances in which lighting, sound and set design come together to create a total art installation, a visual and aural onslaught, almost operatic in its intensity" 

John Daly-Peoples, National Business Review, 2014

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Moss Te Ururangi Patterson