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Another Modern Maori Fairytale emerges from the depths of a sacred mountain.

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In collaboration between Atamira Dance Company, The Auckland Philharmonic, and over 100 Auckland school students, we find another modern Māori Fairytale. This beautiful new story centres around Hine Ariki who is a Turehu, or fairy, and her encounters with mythical forces and creatures within her sacred mountain. 

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The mountain is being mined for its precious minerals and so the spirit of the mountain Rūaumoko becomes restless causing rumbling earthquakes and the shifting of the earths plates. Hine Ariki goes on a quest to placate the mountain spirit by confronting the miners of the mountain. 

She encounters Whiro te tipua the dark lord and must draw on all of her courage to battle the dark forces under his domain and bring balance back to the earth, her people and the mountain sprit Rūaumoko. Danced by a cast of over 100 Auckland youth to the Garth Farr’s Rūaumoko score with a full live orchestra, and enormous stage set. 

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Rūaumoko is a special public event showing what can be created when two of New Zealand leading arts companies work with young people. A new modern māori fairytale for and by New Zealanders of all ages.

The Auckland Dance Project 2016 

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APO Chief Executive Barbara Glaser says the support of the Auckland Arts Festival reinforces the Auckland Dance Project’s continued impact on students and audiences alike. “Every year we see this transformative experience occur in these young dancers as they build towards a fully-staged public performance,” Ms Glaser says. “To be able to work with some of Auckland’s leading artists and arts organisations is an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, and we’re pleased to have the support of the Auckland Arts Festival to help us bring Rūaumoko to life.”

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Director and Choreographer

Moss Te Ururangi Patterson

Soundscape Artist

Paddy Free


Gareth Farr

Set Designer

Robin Rawstorne