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Manaia is a triple bill touring programme showcasing the strong female choreographic voice within the company. This voice has long been an important driving force within Atamira supporting a pedigree of respected female dancers and choreographers who continue to align with and emerge from the company.

Under the theme of Manaia (from the mythical creature of the same name with the head of a bird and body of a human) this short works programme bridges human endeavour to spiritual aspiration.

Gabrielle Thomas with her trio of woman dancers, delves into the meaning and symbology of Manaia. Kelly Nash, presents a powerful duet that reverses common known myths and histories, and Nancy Wijohn’s solo performance weaves physical opposition with illusion.

“I am really excited by this opportunity and thrilled to be co-directing this show with such diverse Wahine. The platform given, helps us all too expand artistically and lift the esteem of woman choreographers in dance.” - Kelly Nash

  • Creative New Zealand
  • Foundation North