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Choreographic development programme

Hou meaning 'new' is Atamira's annual new choreographic development programme, a building platform for choreographers in the early stages of making work. The HOU programme is designed specifically to create new work in the security of the studio bolstered by robust critical analysis from internal and external peers to ensure high outcomes.

Atamira's choreographic development programme Hou was created in 2010 to nurture talent and provide opportunities for upcoming Maori choreographers and foster the development of new work in the community.

New works created within the Hou programme have been further developed and performed as part of Kaha, and Manaia Atamira's short works touring programmes, or have informed the development of full-length works.

Full length works, Moko, Mitimiti, Atamira and Ngā Wai were seeded during Hou development workshops.