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Mātauranga / Education



Atamira's online workshops offer a unique opportunity to experience and learn from the company’s celebrated 22-year dance whakapapa of choreographic repertoire. Students will journey into the world of Atamira's 21st year work Te Wheke, past repertoire and choreographic devices exploring ideas through movement, dance and storytelling.

Zoom Atamira Dance Company into your akomanga or whare to experience Atamira's dance whakapapa and the strengths of indigenous-inspired thinking. Facilitated by two Atamira dance artists, TOPA MAI expands students’ exposure to Mātauranga Māori concepts and creative dance practice via digital engagement with Aotearoa’s leading Māori contemporary dance company.

Dive into Te Wheke (years 7-10) or Dance Upon the Atamira (years 11-13)!


Facilitated by Atamira dancers (and sometimes Artistic Director Jack Gray!), this in person workshop offers a unique opportunity for students to explore ideas through movement, dance and storytelling while learning about Atamira's celebrated 22-year dance whakapapa of choreographic repertoire. 

Grounded in tikanga practices, we can tailor the workshop to your class kaupapa, focusing on performance or choreographic investigation.

Best suited for years 9-13


Kori Pūrākau is a biannual workshop programme introducing students to basic choreographic processes that explore telling a story through dance and movement. Ideal for students from Year 1 to 8, it derives inspiration from Pou Kapua or Cloud Pillar, the centre’s stunning 21-metre carving which narrates the Maori myth of the great chieftain Kupe, the creation stories of Ranginui and Papatuanuku and the legend of Maui.

Atamira are looking forward to leading Auckland schools through this awesome workshop in August 2022, exploring Māori mythology, tikanga and choreography. 

If you are interested in this workshop contact Morgan Darkwa from Vodafone Event Centre at

Contact Alana Basile our Education Coordinator at if you have any enquires!